Thank you for your interest in connecting with me!

I don't like spam either so expect 1 email (or less) per month from me.  My emails will contain my recent creative projects (holograms, photo, film, experimental stuff, 3D, etc.), offerings and resources for creative people.

I am fully booked for 2021 and will be sharing my availability for 2022 soon (will announce w/my first email in November).

Thank you to all of my wonderful clients! I am grateful for all of you and for all of the people that recommended me to these wonderful gigs. 100% of my gigs are referrals & repeat clients in Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Let me know who to thank when you email me here!

This is the best way to reach me. I've been working on divesting from the free labor of social media and looking forward to connecting via email instead. I really do like connecting with others (especially other creatives) but I feel that social media has been really distracting to me and I'd like to normalize just hearing from people and organizations that I really want to connect with via email. 

Looking forward to connecting!

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