1. Deep Fake: The World’s Largest AI Art Exhibition

    2023-02-24 03:48:00 UTC
    Grateful to have participated in Deep Fake: The World’s Largest AI Art Exhibition at Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles, CA with MAIF “Aura” on Foundation Aura is a digital altar born from a deep reverence for nature, the magic that exists within all of us, and the power of art…

  2. Artist Portraits: Hazel Rose l Los Angeles, CA

    2020-10-22 20:47:19 UTC

  3. Self Portraits : April 2020 l Los Angeles, CA

    2020-04-30 04:12:26 UTC

  4. Community: Color Film

    2020-04-30 04:04:41 UTC

  5. Commercial Photo: Virta Health l United States

    2020-03-14 20:21:05 UTC
    I was hired by the Virta Marketing team in late 2019. I created images for the re-branding of their new website:  I had the pleasure of working on this commercial project with Jessica Jones and Elie Khadra. 

  6. Live Show: Tarantina l Los Angeles, CA

    2020-03-06 21:16:00 UTC

  7. Cinematography Reel 2020

    2020-02-12 07:15:00 UTC
    Music:  HABITAAT

  8. Set Design x Photo x Cinematography: HABITAAT l Los Angeles, CA

    2020-01-01 22:55:00 UTC
    Set Design / Photography / Cinematography for HABITAAT’s new single CIRCLE Video:

  9. Portraits: Dave Weis l Los Angeles, CA

    2019-12-21 07:35:35 UTC
    testing the natural light in the tree house today with Chef Buds in Los Angeles

  10. Album Cover: Cole Hardwick l Los Angeles, CA

    2019-12-13 20:41:00 UTC
    COLE HARDWICK released TRAIL MIX today on all platforms. Had the pleasure of working on this project with my friends in Los Angeles!  creative direction + photo by me  track produced by: HABITAAT  cover art: Tyson Stryg flowers + styling by 

  11. Headshots: Darby Rose l Los Angeles, CA

    2019-11-28 02:19:00 UTC

  12. Family Portraits: Chelsea & Kurt l Los Angeles, CA

    2019-11-27 17:32:00 UTC
    Chelsea and Kurt are both in the art world and they wanted something creative for their holiday portraits. They love the texture of their grapefruit tree in their backyard, we used it as a backdrop for these fun shots.  Los Angeles, CA Assisted by: Nery Rodriguez

  13. Film Premiere: Queer Mythology at Borscht Film Festival l Miami, FL

    2019-11-18 18:03:00 UTC
    🌜Queer Mythology🌛premieres at Borscht 0 🐊 MAIN NIGHT 🐊🌸 Fri, Nov 22, 2019 - 7:30 p.m. I had the pleasure of working as Art Director on this film for Karli Evans in Miami, FL earlier this year

  14. Community: Brown Girls Doc Mafia l Los Angeles, CA

    2019-11-13 22:30:00 UTC

  15. Film Premiere: GUERRILLERA at Borscht Film Festival l Miami, FL

    2019-11-09 06:24:00 UTC
    So wonderful working with Pam Longsword and a really talented crew of Miami + LA based creatives for GUERRILLERA. I had the honor of serving as their Executive Producer for this project. This was part of Pam’s summer fellowship with Borscht. The film will make its festival premiere this Saturday…

  16. Artist Portraits: Afrobeta at Jen Clay exhibit l Davie, FL

    2019-10-19 20:36:00 UTC

  17. Artists Portraits: Diana Larrea & Cristina Isabel Rivera l Miami, FL

    2019-10-05 22:09:00 UTC

  18. Artist Portraits: Chris Rochelle l Miami Beach, FL

    2019-10-05 01:10:00 UTC

  19. Artist Portraits: Chris & Vianny l Miami, FL

    2019-10-02 22:39:00 UTC

  20. Travel: Tyson Stryg l Miami, FL

    2019-09-23 01:04:00 UTC
    Tyson at Fairchild Botanical Gardens in Miami, FL

  21. Artist Portraits: Claudia Escobar for KQED l San Francisco, CA

    2019-09-17 02:08:00 UTC

  22. Artist Portraits: The Galactic Effect l Miami, FL

    2019-08-22 00:57:00 UTC

  23. Album Cover: TRIPPY for Hazel Rose l Los Angeles, CA

    2019-04-11 19:58:00 UTC
    Single release cover art In collaboration with Valentina Figueroa and stylist Kate McKay  Hazel Rose  Track: TRIPPY  Producer: STYLO  Photographer: Cristina Isabel Rivera Photo Edition, Digital Illustration & Animation: Valentina Figueroa Creative Director l Artist: Kate McKayHair & Makeup: IG @makeupbykendra Premiered on THE SOURCE 

  24. Travel: Tampa, FL

    2019-03-19 05:57:00 UTC

  25. Brujxs: Lorraine Monteagut l Tampa, FL

    2019-03-14 00:29:00 UTC

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